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Email of the Day

Just Shut Up!

I want to thank you for teaching me to just "shut up!"  By keeping quiet in certain situations, I have changed my life for the better.  Here are five real life examples where your simple advice really worked:

  • 1.  When my husband tells me a story I've heard 100 times, I simply am quiet and let him talk.  I've realized I'm his best friend and I'm lucky to have him share with me.
  • 2.  When my kids are trying to tell me something, I've learned that I should shut up and listen to them.  That's all.  They just want to be heard.
  • 3.  When people gossip to me about others, by simply keeping my mouth shut, they STOP gossiping!  They now know I'm not interested in their gossip and they move on.  
  • 4.  When my husband is dealing with his parents, I don't need to say anything.  I don't need to add my unnecessary opinion.  I just shut up and allow him to handle his family.  I'm nice and respectful, and he takes care of the rest.
  • 5.  By literally keeping my mouth shut, I've lost fifteen pounds!  In the last seven months I've changed my eating habits by not eating as often and I've lost weight with little effort.  I intend to keep going and am very thankful for your advice to just keep my mouth shut!
Tags: Attitude, Behavior, Personal Responsibility, Regarding Dr. Laura, Values
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