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Email of the Day

Kids Stealing and Getting Away With It... Or Not!
IconDr. Laura, Thanks to you and my wonderful parents, I have made many good choices, over the years. I married my "Prince" 20 years ago, who would swim through oil soaked waters to bring me a cafe' au lait (we live in New Orleans and he works on the Miss. river). We have 4 wonderful children ranging in age from 15 to 7 and I'm happy to be a stay-at-home mom! This past May, some punks who live in our neighborhood decided to break into our home. I surprised them by coming home early from our kindergartener's closing ceremony. Of course, I called the police and wanted to press charges. Shockingly, the 3 sets of idiots they have for parents were horrified! How could I ruin these "young lives"? It was only a misunderstanding, and now their lives would be ruined! Could I really face them in court? Well? YES !!! The police took them away in a police car and released them to their parents. I wanted them arrested and handcuffed, but since they were under 16- it was illegal. This was not the first time they "trespassed" into someone's home in our gated community. Nor the first time their "parents" had to rescue them from angry homeowners who also caught them in other homes. Just the first time anyone called the police. Several of my neighbors thanked me for doing what they couldn't bring themselves to do. As for your video regarding the daughter's friend stealing an ATM card and using it, I hope the parents do call the police and file chargers. I have you to thank for helping me grow a backbone over the years! These kids are on the road to disaster and at least I can say I tried to help when their parents wouldn't. Thank you and your family for the service you do for all of us. Your loyal and grateful fan, C.
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