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Email of the Day

Little Things Add Up Quickly

I wanted to share a little nightly ritual I discovered early on in our marriage that has been very beneficial to my husband and me.  At night, I snuggle up to my husband and then thank him for every last thing I noticed that he has done that day.  I think of it as saying a prayer of gratitude.

One of these "prayers" might go like this...."Thank you for emptying the dishwasher and taking the trash out, thank you for changing the baby's diaper, thank you for battling traffic to get to work, thank you for working so hard and doing such a good job so I can be home with the kids, thank you for your texts, thank you for playing with the kids, thank you for helping get dinner on the table, thank you for reading to our kids, and thank you for fixing the garbage disposal."

The effect of saying all these things together is profound.  I am reminded what a great man he is, and he feels appreciated, noticed, and important in return.  My husband, in his "less verbal" way of showing love rubs my back or plays with my hair during these moments of closeness.  It's a very positive end to the day. 


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