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Email of the Day

Living In The Past

Dr. Laura:

Recently, I had an epiphany about a conversation I had with my mother when I was a teenager.  At that time, she said I was living in both the past and the future, while ignoring the present.  I never quite understood what it was she meant....until now.

I lived in the past, because I wanted things to go back to the way they were before we moved two thousand miles away from our home town.  I also lived in the future so that I could have the power to do things my way, and not have to follow my parents' wishes because I was not yet of age.  I didn't live in the present, because I found it kind of "sucky."  What got me to my epiphany?  By listening to a lot of hours of your show, Dr. Laura, I was finally able to piece it all together.  I'm happy to say that these days, I am in a very good place, and living very much in the present.

Tags: Attitude, Behavior, Character-Courage-Conscience, Mental Health, Motherhood-Fatherhood, Parenting, Relatives, Teens, Values
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