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Letters From Listeners

Living With an Addict

The best advice I can give with those living with an addict or one in recovery, (meaning they have substance abuse, but are actively working to stay sober), is this: Take care of yourself first. Find an Al anon or Families Anonymous group and learn how to not enable the addict. Learn that you are powerless over the addict. It's completely up to them to get into recovery. Family can support their efforts, but cannot do it for them. Know what your boundaries are with the addict and stick to it. Find serenity and work the 12 steps for yourself. Pray and find others in the Anon groups that can initially help you. Your addict is never out of the woods with this disease. Understand that while today may be good, tomorrow may not be. Learn to accept this.



Tags: Addiction, Attitude, Behavior, Mental Health, Personal Responsibility, Relationships, Social Issues
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