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Letters From Listeners

Living With an Alcoholic

Here are my thoughts after listening to your caller who had fears about regrets hoping her alcoholic father would die. While growing up, I lived in a home much like she described. While I did pray my father would decide to give up alcohol, my main prayers were for my Mom: She would have the courage to leave (she never did) or that God would give her a chance at a better life. My father died when they were both 57, she is now almost 93. She got a job (she had never worked outside of the home) and worked until she was 80, returned to the church he had forbid her to attend and made tons of friends, most of whom she has now outlived. I have never regretted I wasn't bonded with my father, he chose alcohol over us. I am most thankful my prayer was answered and my Mom got to know what living a full life is about.


Tags: Addiction, alcoholism, Health, Parenting, Response to a Call
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