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Email of the Day

MY Baby Feels Love All Day

Dr. Laura:

My husband and I have a three month old baby boy.  We recently met the wife of one of my husband's coworkers.  She is an assistant director at a daycare center, and she told us that in the "infant" room of her daycare, she usually finds frazzled teachers who ask her to "just grab a baby" since so many of them are teething and leading to some tough times for the workers.  She also said that when parents drop off the babies, many of them say things like "Just make sure he or she sleeps at least three naps today.  I can't handle them if they don't."

Since I had only just met the woman when she told us these stories, it took everything I had to not say something - I just sat there aghast at her tales.  

When my husband and I finally left, I turned to him and thanked him for being a real man and making sure I stay home with our baby son to raise him into the man he should be. As much as I love your book "In Praise of Stay-at-Home Moms," I find it so sad that such a book even needed to be written.  It seems to me that it only needs to have one of your signature lines in it:  "A daycare center is a place where your baby does not feel love all day."  To me, that's enough.  And I can assure you that MY baby feels love all day, each and every day.


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