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Letters From Listeners

Make Room for True Friends

Last year I turned into my husband's superhero. We've been married 18 years and he was diagnosed with depression. Needless to say during his battles to find his inner love there have been many sad times and many amazing times, and throughout it, I've been privileged to be at his side to provide him protection and peace to heal.

Last New Year's, the friends, my hubby has warned me about for many years, knew a little about our struggles and when we declined to attend their New Year's celebration my so-called girlfriend texted showing disrespect to us and our situation. I've assisted her over the years with many issues and did it selflessly. When the chips were down for me (I don't ask for help very often as I'm pretty "sane") she showed her true colors. I didn't fly into a rage, call my other friends, freak out, become undecided or wail like a two-year-old. I looked at my husband, weighed the 18 years of our marriage verses the 17 years of a friendship and cut her off. She had the opportunity to talk it out, but she didn't take the time, so she's done.

I hope that my experience empowers the many women who call into you that just can't seem to cut out the "nuts" they have attracted to their lives and make room for those friends that truly care.

My decision helped my husband in some very small way and although we have a long way to go, he is relieved I made the decision and he doesn't have to nag me anymore.

Keep up the good work


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