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Letters From Listeners

Making Exercise a Priority

Dr. Laura,

I am a homeschooling mother of 5 kids. I also teach piano to 15 additional kids per week.

How do I fit in exercise?

I go to bed early and get up before my kids awake to run 5 miles per day. I used to walk, but 5 months ago I decided to try running. I have cut my time down from 1 1/2 hours per day to 45 minutes per day. I also have the benefit of better sleep, better health, and my lung capacity has increased (I am a singer).

I like Nike's "Just Do It" philosophy, and I use that phrase on myself when it is cold, dark, and rainy! When I first told people I was running all I heard was "it's so bad on your knees." Of course, that was from non-exercisers. My knees feel great, even after having 5 kids, and I've never felt better.


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