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Email of the Day

Making The Right Choices For Our Daughter

Dear Dr. Laura:

I have a daughter who at birth almost died from complications from an infection.  When she entered public school, she wasn't "like her sisters" according to all the teachers.  She was stressed, kids made fun of her and teachers called her out for not getting the answers fast enough.  She was pulled out of class to get special education help, but it disrupted her day and made her feel "stupid."

Fast forward to fifth grade, and I was working in her class when I watched her have a full-blown panic attack because her teacher was asking for homework that she couldn't find fast enough.  He made fun of her in front of the class and that was the last straw.  I pulled her out of school that day. I homeschooled her for two solid years.  My husband and I did this with no support from anyone.  Most of my friends and family thought I was crazy.

She wanted to go back to public school for middle school, and she not only excelled but received a "high honors" award.  I know it's because she received two years of one-on-one attention from me.  My husband and I recognized that she did not fit the public education mold; she's an "out of the box" kid and we couldn't love her more.   Homeschooling can be a huge blessing and relief for the student and the parents.  You are the biggest reason I have gotten through many of these struggles, and I can't thank you enough.

Lots of hugs,


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