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Email of the Day

Making Time For What You WANT To Do

Dr. Laura:

I am a stay-at-home, homeschool mom to three.  When I first began staying home, we had to make sacrifices, and money was tight.  I had to get creative, so I shopped second hand for clothes, clipped coupons for groceries, and borrowed a relative's camera to take pictures of my kid, because I couldn't afford a fancy photographer.  As it turned out, I had a knack for the photography thing, word got around, and I was able to snap pictures for other people for a couple of hours on weekends, while Daddy took the kids to the movies or biking.  I saved for my own camera, and now, 8 years later, money isn't quite as tight as it was then.  Through the years, this little venture has afforded us the opportunity to take our kids on fun little trips, buy ice cream after dinner or pay for swim team.  I edit the pictures when the kids are in bed!

Recently, I had a photography session with a newborn in my home, and as I was chatting with the mom, she told me her husband worked at the local grocery store as a clerk, and I realized this session must have been something she scrimped and saved for, as they were likely making major sacrifices so she could stay home.  I heavily discounted the cost, because I know what that's like.    I never knew I had this talent until I was pushed to make the necessary sacrifices to do the right thing.  Thank you, Dr. Laura for your praise of stay-at-home moms.  I always tell people that if my parents could raise eight kids on my dad's modest income, then so can I, and so can the grocery clerk, and so can you.  People do and make time for what they WANT to do.  Maybe it's through tutoring during nap time, walking the neighbors' dogs with your kids, or even through the lens of a camera.  Thank you for loving kids and being a champion for us mommas and the daddies who are man enough to step up and help make this priority a reality.


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