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Email of the Day

Making Your Own Way

I started listening this year.  I'm a full-time college student and I'll be headed into my senior year this fall.  Your constant words of encouragement toward "making it happen" for yourself and standing up for what you believe in have helped me immeasurably.  Your advice to get out from under your parents' wings and be an adult was probably the hardest bit of advice to follow.  My parents are very protective and want to guide my success, instead of letting me make mistakes and find things out the hard way.

I remember you taking a phone call from a mother who wanted to talk to her son every day while he was away at school, and you told her that she had to let him come to her and to untie the apron strings that were so tightly wound around him.  I've had that discussion with MY parents to trust their abilities to raise me to be who I am and let me now show them what a great job they have done.  It's been difficult in the money department, because I'm not asking for bailouts when I need groceries or gas money, but I have learned the true meaning of responsibility, and appreciation for their work.  My relationship with them has gone from having parents who hover to guarantee my success to having two adult mentors who are there for advice when I get stuck.  

I've gone from being a "weenie" to being a strong, independent young woman.  Thank you for helping me make my life easier and a little more complete than it was before I started to listen!



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Tags: Character-Courage-Conscience, Parenting, Stress, Values
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