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Email of the Day

Men Have Different Wiring

I realized this morning it's time to thank you for all I've learned from you, and how each incremental move I make to show my husband he is loved comes back to me in wonderful ways.

Lately, since I need to get up early to feed my daughter breakfast before school (she leaves the house at 6:30), I've been making the occasional breakfast for my honey as well and sending many more lunches from home than before. My old attitude was: "he's a grown-up - he can get his own lunch." (I do all of the cooking and feeding around here, so his lunch needs were a little break for me, and he'd go out to lunch with work friends). Well, I really think those lunches I pack make him feel cared for and happy. I also know looking cute for him takes some effort, but it really means a lot to him. And of course, my whole attitude about a man's need for sex has changed - it's not that I was withholding before, just that I didn't make it a priority. Now I realize how men are wired, and it makes ALL the difference to physically show him he's loved. The changes from him aren't overwhelming, but his level of appreciation for me is palpably more solid, and that's what works for me.  Another bonus is that we laugh a lot more. That's really the best.

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