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Letters From Listeners

Modern Parents

Dr. Laura,

I am compelled to write, because unfortunately, I don't have another woman in my life who will understand what I just experienced.

I had a very disheartening phone conversation with one sister about our other sister, who has an 18-month-old baby.

Sister #1 mentioned she expected Sister #2 to be announcing another pregnancy anytime now, since she originally wanted more than one child.

I commented that I didn't think so, since she seemed to be very overwhelmed. She has him in day care three days a week. She works two of those days, and the third day is because:

A. He handles being there "better" if it is more often and
B. She needs a day to herself.

Sister #1 was quiet for a second before telling me in no uncertain terms she is a huge fan of day care and besides, kids need the social interaction and stimulation. I simply said that in my opinion, meeting and befriending other adults with children the same age as yours is a better way to do that. Her only response was that you can't be all things to your kids.

I could not believe my ears. We were talking about a 1 1/2 year-old-baby who can't even say full sentences.

I think it is tragic this is the popular opinion among parents now. In fact, its baffling to me that my own sisters share in it. Our mother was a stay-at-home-mom.

When my husband and I start our family, I will not think twice about quitting my day job (and "wasting" my degree!) to be a mother to my child.

Thanks for nagging. Please never stop.

Please sign me anonymous.

P.S. I am one of the lucky ones today: I married a real man who feels the same way about raising children. There aren't many out there anymore (at least in my age range).
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