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Letters From Listeners

My Dad Parented Someone Else's Child - Me

I am referring to my "real" dad, the one who raised me. Not the bio-dad who bailed when I was 8.

I do not have his insane love for cleanliness and organization. I'm sure my hubby would love it if I did.

While I did learn Irish stubbornness from him, I also received a gift from him. Faith. He taught me to believe fiercely in the Lord. He also taught me that the Lord loves me, no matter what. As a corollary, he, my daddy, would love me regardless of any stupid choices I made. After years of fighting, as often happens in step-families, I knew he was my "soft place to land." He was very hard on me as a kid. As an adult and a parent of three I know it was because he knew I could do better. He had faith in me.

My mother is an amazing woman. She chose well the second time around. I will always be grateful for that. I just wish my daddy were still here to see my kids grow. Hopefully, the faith I have in my kids will serve to benefit his legacy. I miss him every day.

Many men would not be able to parent someone else's child. He rose to the task.


Tags: Faith, Father's Day, Motherhood-Fatherhood, Religion, Values
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