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Email of the Day

My Hardworking Hubby

Dear Dr. Laura,

My husband is a very hard worker. He builds specialty cars (like show cars and cars you see in movies).  So when he's against a deadline, it can be extremely stressful, and during show car season, the hours can be very long. For example, a few weeks ago he worked 96 hours in one week. He is the foreman of the shop where he works, so the stress is even more intense. 

On most days, he feels he is carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders. You would think that during these days of the "on" cycles, he would have no time or desire to think of anything or anyone but himself, and who could blame him. He needs to rest and relax!

My husband, however, is not like most people. This morning, after getting off a 25 hour shift, he did not drive home to rest.

No, not my husband.

He stopped at a flower shop, picked out a beautiful bouquet of yellow roses, and personally delivered them to me at my work.

His hands and arms are always covered with cuts, paint and other stains and adhesives; his face goes unshaven for days; his clothes are a mess from fiberglass, dust and other matter that he works with on a daily basis. His eyes are red from lack of sleep. Yet, he could not look more appealing to me if he tried.


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