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Email of the Day

My Marriage in Two Phases
IconDear Dr. Laura, I have to say you have been a blessing to my life and especially with my marriage. I would describe my marriage in two phases: Pre-Book and Post Book. The book in question is your "The Proper Care And Feeding Of Husbands." When my wife advised this was the only thing she wanted for Christmas, I got it for her that day (December 7) early. She told me later that when she started reading it she thought, "It can't be this easy!" Oh, but it was! The day after receiving it she tested your theory by welcoming me home with a big wet kiss, passionate hug and wrapping one of her legs around my ankle. We kissed for about 5 minutes, walked to the bedroom and locked the door (for the sake of the kidlets). She was shocked. I was too! She, before that, would never get up or stop what she was doing to welcome me home at the end of the day. I went out shortly thereafter and got myself your book, "The Proper Care And Feeding Of Marriage" as I believed I should do my part as well! Dr. Laura, I have prayed to God to give thanks that you are doing what you do and to continue to inspire you down that path. Because of YOU my average/mediocre marriage is now vibrant, passionate and an excellent example to my two daughters and my son as to what they should expect in marriage. ~S
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