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Email of the Day

My Perfect Husband

My husband and I have been great fans of yours. My husband had a very tragic childhood and young adult life going into mid-life. When he and I married (he 50, me 43), I figured out his life had not been validated by any one person; I wasn't doing anything special, so I just dedicated my life to making him happy.

At first, he thought there was an "angle," but when he found out my only angle was for him to be happy, he became very happy. A happy husband makes a happy wife. It is not rocket science. He was so happy he wanted me to buy your book so he could see what you left out because I was perfect!

My perfect husband died a long and painful death. At the end, I think he actually expected me to leave because it isn't easy to watch, but when he figured out I was there unto the end, he looked at me as if I had wings behind me with a halo on top.  I will love him forever.
Thank you so much, as you also taught him a lot about living and having a good life.

Tags: Health, Marriage, The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands, Values, Women's Point of View
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