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Letters From Listeners

My Replacement Mom

Hi Dr. Laura,

Thank you for being there for all of us who listen.
Ever since I lost my Mom to ovarian Cancer 3 years ago, I've felt a sense of loss of not having a mom, and a couple of weeks ago while listening to you on SiriusXM, I realized you had become my "mom", and that you were providing some things that I miss the most about my Mom.

You tell it like it is to people, my Mom used to do that to me, she would listen very patiently to me go on and on about what ever thing was bugging me, and then she would say, "So what are you going to do about it?"   That would make me think and usually I could figure out the way to fix it.

Nine months after my mom died, my sister died of lung cancer.  I realize then I had lost the women in my life who meant the most to me, and though I still have my great two younger brothers, it's just not the same as my Mom and sister.

But when I listen to you, it makes me feel like someone cares for me.  Although I don't agree with you on every aspect of life, overall you have taught me so many wonderful things and you are there to help.

Thank you for being there for me.

Also, I show and train Dobermans and have worked with Ridgies too, so I love to hear about your dogs, since I agree with your advice and methods of training with them as well. Thank you, for being there, because I know I'm not alone when I listen to you.

Take care,


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