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Letters From Listeners

My Simple Plan


I am the proud mother of seven children, and yes I gave birth to all of them. I raised all my children the with the same consistent values, principals and rules of the game. In addition, I raised them myself for the last 10 years when my "was-band" decided to leave.

My plan is simple:

  • I am the head of my house hold. 

  • Don't look at me funny or we will have a problem. 

  • I make the rules, and I will not consult or negotiate those rules with you....evvvvverrr. 

  • You will be respectful with your elders. Watch your language and behavior around both them and small children as they are watching you and using you as a guide. 

  • If you misbehave on the school bus, I don't care what their policy is. I give my permission on the first day of school to the driver to boot you off. You are dangerously distracting the driver. 

  • Don't come home and tell me how mean your teacher is, put yourself in her shoes. She deserves a huge reward just for showing up. 

  • Eat what is put before you and be grateful you have something to eat. 

  • Do not judge the person who doesn't behave exactly as you want them to or shows signs of what you would describe as weird. Walk a mile in their shoes. You don't know what goes on in their home. It's your job to include these kids in your circle at any given chance. (You might be the only person that paid good attention to them in their day.) 

  • No is a word that you will get to know well because there will be more "no's" in your life than "yes's". 

  • I love you enough to teach you about life and it's rewards and it's consequences, as there will be many in your lifetime. If you have learned to deal with them forever, you will be well equipped in life and I have done my job. 

  • If you don't like me at least 10 times per week, then I know I am on the right track as your parent. 
I teach them to be responsible for their own behavior and actions and never address an issue until I have a clear understanding of their contribution. I am a personal trainer and an Iron-Woman. I believe in pushup's, burpee's, running and biking as a wonderful deterrent to ants in the pants... just my two cents. 

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