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Letters From Listeners

My Third Parent

Dr. Laura,

I have been listening to your program since I was in a car seat in my dad's car. He was a big talk-radio junkie in the 90's and your show became one of my favorite things about driving with my dad. I remember sitting in the car with my head against the window, completely silent, listening to you talk to the hurting, the normal, the crazy, and the absolutely outrageous. They never stopped coming to you with their problems and needs.

As I grew older, your conversations with callers became my lessons. Your honesty became a part of how my family lived life. The answer to a tough question would be "What do you think Dr. Laura would say?" You were the salvation to silly problems in my developing life, and when Mom and Dad's "uncool" answers weren't good enough- yours seemed to do the trick.

As I got older, the choices I made became less of how you would have handled them/ answered them, and I started to act more like the callers you counseled. Even still, one of the memories that keeps me and my father's relationship together is the "Dr. Laura" take on things. You helped contribute to the father/daughter bond that can only be created by life's lessons.

Thank you for having such a meaningful impact on my life. Without a doubt you are one of the most inspirational women in the business, and I have to thank you for helping guide me through life's choices for over fifteen years. Through helping others, you helped me grow to be the person I am today. As ridiculous as that sounds, I have you to thank for raising me along side of my parents.

Thank you for all you did and continue to do,


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