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Letters From Listeners

My Vows to My Husband

Dear Dr. Laura,

First, thank you for changing my views on marriage. I was a firm believer in the concept of common law marriages prior to listening to your show. After hearing show after show about women shacking up with boyfriends and most importantly, how this affects children when they are born into these situations... I (or you rather) changed my mind!

I am writing you today to tell you I have chosen wisely and last week my boyfriend of 3 1/2 years and I had our wedding. I also wanted to share my personal vows I read to my husband on our wedding day.

Thank you for your guidance and for changing our lives.

My vows to my husband...

Completed by your love, I'm the woman I longed to be
I feel I've known you always, in my deepest memory

You've cared for me in sickness, shared my highest of all highs
You stand strong with me so willingly, as challenges arise

You make it clear the blessing, that all hardships can provide
If the only blessing to be found, is that you are by my side

I look forward to living young and growing old, If only it's with you
Discovering the joys of life, of moments old and new

I promise to love you always, in strife and times of woe
To always be your girlfriend, even as your Mrs. Boe

I promise to prove to you, each day of our married life
That you did the right thing, in making me your wife

Tags: Commitment, Marriage, Values
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