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Letters From Listeners

Nana and her Sewing Machine

I am the "Nana" to 9 wonderful grandchildren--the product of two of my four children (the daughters). The children range in age from 15 months to 9 years. I am blessed to live in close proximity to all of them, and the "cousins" spend much time together.

I find myself getting roped into many of the activities I thought I was done with when my kids all grew up! The latest was creating the soccer banner for my 5-year-old granddaughter. My daughter was here with the three younger children, and I was machine embroidering each players name on the arm of their "pink panda". Her younger sister, the 3-year-old granddaughter, was sitting next to me at my sewing machine, and the thread was catching and jamming. I was muttering under my breath when the pipsqueak piped up with, "Nana, is your sewing machine having ISSUES?" I nearly fell off my chair. Oh did I tell you that her mother and I are both marriage and family therapists??? (By the way, other than a couple of hours on Sunday afternoons when her hubby stays with the kids, she's a stay-at-home mommy to 5 kids.)

I love your show, and not only has it enhanced my marriage of 42 years, it has made me a better therapist! I know you can't wait until the grandchildren arrive, but let me tell you...they are worth waiting for! I'm now just waiting for my sons to get married and add a few more! However they made it clear they aren't in competition with their sisters! Thank God.


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