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Letters From Listeners

Neighborhood 'Dog Watch'

A cop shows up at my house last night and tells me my dog is barking… I say "Yeah, that's what dogs do". He says," Someone three blocks down complained." I asked him who it was. He says, "I can't give you that information". I told him thank you and I will try to keep her quiet.

So, the problem I have is nobody has any courage anymore... If you have a problem with my dog barking tell me yourself! Why do people waste our law enforcement officers' time with such petty stuff! If someone makes a complaint against me, I deserve to know who it is, right? I am a reasonable guy. I can understand if someone is upset with me and try to correct it.

I didn't have a problem telling the guy down the street to slow down when he drove through the neighborhood at mach1 while my kids were playing in the yard, or knocking on my neighbor's door and asking him to please keep his cat in his own yard. I didn't call the cops or animal control to come and clean up my other neighbor's dog off the street when a speeder ran it over and just kept going. I took care of it with my neighbor. We helped each other solve a problem... Maybe that's why our country is going to hell in a hand basket. Nobody wants to be a "neighbor" or handle their own issues. We can all hide behind "Johnny Law" and he will make it all better.

People, it's time to get your proverbial "STONES" back and take care of your own business. Try it sometime. It is a good feeling handling your own problems. I highly recommend it. Let's make sure our law enforcement officers can enforce the law and keep us safe. Not waste time making sure every barking dog in America is silenced...

Oh, and to the person who complained, I am on right now looking for a shock collar to keep my dog quiet. Figured I would tell everyone on Facebook since I don't have the option to tell you in person...


Tags: Character-Courage-Conscience, Courage, Social Issues, Values
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