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Letters From Listeners

No Clue He Wasn't Happy

I did it! I got to TWO push-ups today!

And I just read your blog, How To Tell If You're A Terrible Spouse, and you could have totally been talking to my hubby's cousin. She is the woman for whom you wrote Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands.

Long story short, we had been out of touch with said cousin until about a year ago. Since we have reconnected and gotten to know her and her hubby better, we have both wondered how much longer their marriage of more than 20 years would last. Not only did I hear her complain about her hubby, but so did my hubby. And then when my hubby went off with her hubby, my hubby also got to hear HIM complain about HER.

What I had seen was a man who swam through shark infested waters to bring his wife a lemonade only to have his wife complain the lemonade was too sour. Nothing made her happy. And then I saw her - drama after drama - getting snippy, moody and stressed out; creating an all-around poor environment for the family to endure.

Finally, in December, he up and left TAKING their two teenage boys with him. She is DEVASTATED. She has no clue why he wasn't happy.

To her credit, he gave her no warning. In fact, when she would ask him, he would actually say he was happy. He never said, "If things don't change, I am leaving."

But I am still back at your blog, "You REALLY had no clue?"

Just wanted to tell you that you are so right on.


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