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Letters From Listeners

No Inheritance, But I Got a MAN


Dr. Laura, 

Speaking from my own experience regarding inheritance, in most cases you are better off leaving it to charity! 

My husband's parents left everything to his two sisters, both alcoholics. The final straw for his parents to do this was that he did not marry the woman they picked for him. They left him out because he decided to become his own man and make his own decisions - Decisions which were best for his own family. Trust me, it took a long time for that to happen and we struggled tremendously, but having the responsibility of being the sole provider of our family put the MAN genes right where they belonged. When those MAN genes finally kicked in, so did his determination to become a great husband and father.

His sisters might think he was left with nothing but really, Dr. Laura, his parents ended up leaving him everything that’s important in life. When they passed away they took that little boy with them and gave his family the man we needed.  He is the most dedicated, loving, hardworking man I know! And... he’s all mine :

Thanks for keeping us on the right "life" track,


PS. Just so you know…My husband is the brother WE all dream of having. His one sister died of alcoholism at 55 and his surviving sister suffers from depression. Even though she has $$$$ and lives in the wealthiest area of San Diego for some reason it’s just not enough.


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