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Email of the Day

No Refunds, No Exchanges, And No Returns

Dear Dr. Laura:

I married when I was 33 and my husband was 28.  It's a first marriage for both of us.  We went through a lot right from the beginning.  I thought I was pregnant, but much to our surprise, we found out I had a growth on both ovaries and had to have surgery.  Our hope for future children was taken in an instant.  My alpha male of a husband held my hand and assured me we would be fine.

Shortly after this experience, I had some health issues that resulted in a diagnosis of lupus.  Again, my husband stepped up and decided I would stay home, and it would all be fine.  We will be married 15 years this month. 

I remember my grandmother telling me long ago that when I looked at a guy for possible marriage, I should see what he is like with family.  I'm proud to say I did well.  On the day of our rehearsal dinner, my soon-to-be mother-in-law announced "No refunds, no exchanges, and no returns.  He's all yours!"  He is all mine, and I'm thankful I get the opportunity to be his girlfriend and his wife.

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