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Letters From Listeners

Old Bad Habit, New Good Habit

Dear Dr. Laura,

I am a fan of your podcasts and just finished listening to a caller that had a bad habit of scratching the inside of her cheek with her fingernail because of anxiety. Boy did that hit home! I turned the volume up and listened intently because this is the same problem I have been trying to deal with for the past 40+ years, starting in grade school with nail biting, migrating to junior high and high school with cuticle picking to the point of bleeding, then finally "homesteading" in adult life with lip/inside cheek biting. I have driven my husband and children crazy with this destructive behavior but didn't know what to do to stop! I have been more focused on trying to figure out the "why" rather than the "cure", until I listened to this call. After speaking with the caller, you figured out "why" she had this "bad habit" but more importantly, you taught her a "new habit" to help deal with her anxiety. I could just hear the anxiety melt from her voice as she tried this new technique! I tried this along with her and I could feel the anxiety melt from me as well! This "new habit" is something I will come to perfect and I can't wait to share it with my husband!

Thank you so much for your help and for all you do every day!


Tags: Anxiety, Health, Response to a Call, Stress
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