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Email of the Day

One Day Was Enough For Me

Dr. Laura:

I am the daughter of two highly educated, driven parents.  This matters because they raised me to believe in the importance of women "having it all."  I was expected to get my education, climb the employment ladder, and raise a family.  So I got my Bachelor's degree, landed a high-level, demanding job, married and had two children less than two years apart.  When they were very small (and before I listened to your show), I placed them in a day care facility.  I ignored my intuition that told me this was a bad idea, and I headed out the door to my very "important" job.

I could not concentrate at work that day, and when I returned to pick them up, I realized my intuition was correct.  Not a soul was to be found at the front desk.  The "secure" gate that I needed a "private code" to enter was left wide open for anyone to walk through unchallenged.  I found both of my children scared and unattended sitting in the middle of the floor with lots of other children running over them.  I picked them both up and walked out as any stranger could have done.  That was the one and the ONLY day they spent in a daycare.

I quit my job the next day, and have been home with them ever since, listening to you for three hours while they're at school during the week.  My husband is happier, my kids are happy and well cared for, and six years later, I know that I did the right thing that day.


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