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Letters From Listeners

One Person Can Make a Difference for Generations

If I could go back in time to witness a family event, I would go back to 1908, lower Manhattan, New York. My grandmother, the daughter of Irish immigrants was put into a catholic orphanage. She was told her parents were unable to support their six children. She would never see them again. I would volunteer at that orphanage to make her life easier. I'd let her know she was loved and valued. I'd tell that scared 6-year-old girl she would grow up to be quite a woman and not to worry. That she would live a long healthy life and be the most special grandma to a shy, abused, little girl. She alone would save that girl's life and by changing the course of her granddaughter's life, she would change her great grandchildren and all the future babies still to come. Even nearly 20 years after her death she is still beloved and thought of daily.


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