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Email of the Day

Passing The Torch

Dr. Laura:

My 21-year-old daughter has (somewhat begrudgingly) become a huge fan of yours.  I introduced her to your show when I started listening to you again about a year ago.  At first, she protested when we listened.  You were "too harsh" or "too irritated" or "too mean."  But slowly, she began to see the light, and now understands why I listened to you.  She sees now why I chose to stay at home and raise all three of my children.  And she agrees!

She and I had a road trip together a few weeks ago, and she requested to listen to episodes of your show on demand on SiriusXM the entire time we were in the car.  I love it!  

Thank you for being a moral compass for me from the time I was a young woman on the cusp of making decisions about my own future.  I'm passing along the torch, and have faith that my daughter will stop and ask herself the question "what would Dr. Laura do?"

Lou Lou




Tags: Parenting, Stay-at-Home Mom, Teens, Women's Point of View
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