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Letters From Listeners

Planting Seeds

Hi Dr. Laura, 

While listening, I noticed that the other day, you sounded discouraged when a shack-up honey chastised you about "judging" her. Dr. Laura, the world NEEDS your brand in-your-face judgement. I am a public school teacher and after years of listening to you, I have become more outspoken on matters of morality. 

When several of my female students were excitedly talking about writing to guys in prison, I proclaimed, "Don't do it. People in prison are scum. Stay away from them." One girl retorted, "My Daddy's in prison." There was a long awkward pause in which I contemplated getting reprimanded by my liberal administration for "insensitivity", or "micro aggression", or some other such PC nonsense. Then the girl spoke again, "You are right. He IS scum." 

My point is that we all need to risk offending people to do the right thing and get them on the right track; or at least put forth all the effort we can to do so.

Who knows what seeds we are sowing in young, or not so young minds?

Tags: Attitude, Motherhood-Fatherhood, Parenting, Personal Responsibility, Social Issues
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