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Email of the Day

Please, Pay Attention

I'm a professional truck driver and heard you talk recently about making human contact while trying to change lanes or enter a freeway.  I thought I'd add a "human voice" to your comments.

I pull double and triple trailers in Oregon.  I drive 600 miles a day, five days a week and have been doing that for the past 25 years.  Everything you see around you has been on a truck like mine at one time or another.  We drive through sun, rain, ice, fog and snow.  We're on the road at three in the afternoon and three in the morning.  We share the road with you, but we're much more than that.  We're mothers, fathers, husbands, wives, children and grandparents.  We go to church and pray for your safety and our own.  We volunteer at hospitals, community events and we visit the elderly.  We are not all people who have nowhere else to turn.  Some of us are college educated.  Some of us are military veterans, pastors, flight instructors and lawyers.  

Help us help you.  We know we are long, slow, big and it takes us a little bit to get up to speed.  Don't cut us off just because you don't want to be delayed.  Don't slam on your brakes to try to make us swerve or slow down.  Don't be angry because we didn't or couldn't move over to let you on the freeway.  Put down your cell phone or tablet.  Turn off the movie in the back seat.  Look around you.  It's a beautiful world out there.  See the color and shapes of the clouds and the rainbows.  Talk to one another, especially your children.  Please pay attention.  Facebook, Twitter and email can wait; your family cannot.  Make memories instead of miseries.


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