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Letters From Listeners

Poem: Our Nation

Dear Dr. Laura,

The other night I was gazing at my 6-month-old daughter and thinking about the world my husband and I have brought her in to. I reflected on how I am going to guide her to have the moral and spiritual strength to be a good and productive citizen, and the tools to become a wise and actualized woman.

Then I thought of the challenges she will surely face: the decline of society's standards, the indoctrination of our children by progressives in all levels of education, the guilt laid on us to be "accepting" of behaviors that only facilitate the further decline of our morality such as children being born to people with no intention of actually raising them, convenience being more important than principles, and the rejection of any and all accountability for the choices we make.

At the risk of subjecting you to amateur poetry, I wanted to share what I was inspired to write. There are enough words wasted on saying untruths, but I thought that perhaps I should join you in investing some to describe, perhaps a bit colorfully, what I perceive to be the precipice we find ourselves on. If you find it worthy, please pass it on. I think it describes well what is happening today. Thank you for your time.

The Pan and the Fire
by Morgan Graham

A thousand free men,
boot over boot,
marching to the fading rhythm
of a broken drum...

They were quietly dying
amidst the roar
of a People gone sightless
who cried out for more.

A People whose children,
gape mouthed with hunger,
would never know wisdom,
ownership, and wonder.

Their nation, once brave,
once ambitious and true,
became a ship quickly sinking -
its hull rotted through.

Their Teachers taught only
the virtue of tearing
down the institutions once thought
as noble, as daring.

Their Leaders were mortals
with hubris and arrogance
who resented their foundation
with its intended elegance.

They stripped their champions
and proclaimed them profane.
They delighted in distribution,
of equality, in vain.

They wished any and all
faces of God to die
and scrubbed all young minds
with derision and lye.

Coveting and avarice became
their devotionals
their fashionably sensitive
became unapproachable.

They stirred a great pot
and fed the weakness of Man
to fight amongst themselves-
all according to plan.

The mighty fell, and they
delighted to see
their heroes shamed-
the burning of Three.

The rewards and riches,
once earned by sweat
were the spoils of all
of the Leadership's pets.

There is nothing left
but ruins and rot
but it solved the problem
of to have, or have not.

Too many chose
to gladly now be
elite amongst the enslaved,
than equals amongst the free.

A thousand lost men,
boot over boot,
marching to the long gone rhythm
of a long silenced drum were heard from no more.
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