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Email of the Day

Putting My Son First

Dear Dr. Laura:

Nineteen years ago, I was a Criminal Investigator with a District Attorney's office, as part of a Crimes Against Children task force.  I was well-trained and passionate about a career in law enforcement, even though it was challenging, given the nature of the work and the horrors I was exposed to.  That all changed when I got pregnant.  I couldn't fathom how I was going to effectively raise my child while remaining in the field I was in, or even working at all. 

This was both devastating and eye-opening, for I realized what I needed to do.  I decisively left both the job I loved and my career in law enforcement so that I could raise my son as a stay-at-home mom.  That was what really mattered, and what I needed to do.  My feelings, happiness, or career dreams became irrelevant to what my child would need from his mother.

Since then, I became a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, which allowed me to put my son first by having a flexible schedule and not working unless he was in school.  While I don't have the same passion for social work that I did for law enforcement, I don't regret my decision at all.    Sadly, I hear some callers struggle with this decision.  Sacrifice is one of the hallmarks of motherhood, and to hear a mother who hesitates to sacrifice in raising her own children is disheartening.  I see firsthand the connection between poor early childhood parenting attachment and many of our societal problems.  Please keep advocating for mothers to raise their own children, and thank you for your continued moral presence in my life.

With gratitude and love, 


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