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Email of the Day

Realizing What My Gifts Are

Dr. Laura,

I'm a long-time listener, and several times I've heard you ask a caller, "What is your gift?" It got me pondering...well, what is MY gift? Despite being a successful lawyer at a big firm, at first, I really couldn't think of anything! How sad is that?

But I continued to think about it, until it became clear to me that I do have gifts, and what those gifts are.

I wanted to tell you that your prompting me to consider this simple, basic question has provided me with the answer to a dilemma I've been struggling with for years. And that dilemma is whether to leave my legal career to pursue my heart's desire - a vocation to the priesthood and religious life.

I had been looking at the question from the standpoint of what others would think was a responsible decision, or what would make the most money, or what would be the safest course. But I wasn't looking at it from the standpoint of what my particular gifts are...after all, I didn't even know I had any!

But once I gave it some serious consideration, I came to realize what my gifts are: they are ministering to others spiritually, teaching, counseling, and a contemplative, religious life in general.

This internal analysis clarified the dilemma, and I have come to a decision. I have applied to enter a Benedictine monastery, and have been accepted. There is still a long road of discernment ahead of me, and I don't know where it will lead, but I have set my foot on the path and have taken the first step. And it feels great.

Thank you providing such clarity. Because of your teachings, this man has resolved to devote himself to a life in service to others.

God bless you and the work you do.

Tags: Education, Priest, Teaching
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