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Letters From Listeners

Retailers' Tricks

I couldn't resist writing after hearing the opening of your September 26, 2013 show regarding tricks retailers use to get us to buy more.

Once I was returning from the Hamburg, Germany airport to my home in Wilhelmshaven, Germany. The midpoint of the journey was in Bremen. I needed to go to the bathroom; so I stopped at an IKEA furniture store. Upon entering, I was rewarded by a sign reading "Toiletten" (in German that's restrooms) embossed on an arrow pointing left. I dutifully went left and two aisles later encountered a similar sign pointing to the right. So off to the right I went.

I think you can see where this is going. At the end of my ten minute jaunt, I had meandered through every department in the store, finally arriving at my desired goal at the extreme rear of the building. As you may imagine, I was quite upset -- not at IKEA for having what I thought was a clever idea -- but at myself for having fallen for it.


Tags: Behavior, Humor, Personal Responsibility, Response to a Comment, Values
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