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Email of the Day

Rumors - A Poem


Dr. Laura,

Years ago on the radio, you mentioned an old Jewish story about rumors and forgiveness. I was struck by its simplicity and never forgot the message. Now, I have a granddaughter who wants so desperately to be in the "in group" yet, they are poison. They say things about others not knowing the harm they do. For that reason, I put the story you told into a poem.


You have said bad things about me
That's left stains upon my name.
Someday you'll want to take them back
So to take away your pain.

Your rumors about me were so wicked
They cut clean through to my heart.
Forgiveness will not come easy
But I will tell you where to start.

Rumors are like a thousand feathers
Lies cast off into the wind.
They'll blow throughout the world
Perhaps, never to be seen again.

When someone sees the tiny feather
And questions what they should do.
They'll not know how to take it,
So they'll assume your lies are true.

I will forget your wicked ways
And forgive you of this dark sin.
Until you walk the entire earth
And return each feather again.

The poem is copyrighted in the Collection of Poems, by Bing Spitler. Permission granted for use on the Dr. Laura program.


Tags: Character-Courage-Conscience, Character/Courage/Conscience, Morals/Ethics/Values, Regarding Dr. Laura, Rumors, Social Issues, Values
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