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Email of the Day

SLOW Down Moms!!

Hello Dr. Laura!

I have listened to your show and hear a recurring problem with moms in general regardless of why they call in. The key to MY happiness is "SLOWING DOWN!" I mean that in every sense of the way. I don't agree to everything under the sun to keep up an image of what I think a good mother should do and be.

I have a 6 month old daughter and our days are filled with walks in the stroller, reading books together, playing “peek-a-boo,” and warm baths before bed. I have found what makes me and my family happy, and I NEVER make any choices which compromise that.

I quit my job, I put my hobbies on hold, I see my friends less, I only run errands once a week (yes, things can wait), and I don't volunteer to help with everything and anything. Some may call me selfish or crazy because I have chosen to slow down my life to spend time with my daughter instead of running around constantly from store to store or event to event hauling a whining kid.

I get my break by having a girls' night once a month and “date night” with my husband twice a month.

So moms, quit filling your life with STUFF and get back to the basics. Kids are only little for so long, and when they are grown by all means fill your calendar up with commitments! But don't you want your kids to look back and say "What a calm mother I had, instead of a mother who was constantly stressed out keeping up with the other mothers who bit off more than they could chew? My mom CHOSE to make time to SPEND time with me." That is all.

Thank you for all you do, Dr. Laura! Lots of love to you and all the moms out there!


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