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Letters From Listeners

Sacrificing for Others


In my opinion, a hero is someone who gives or does for others in spite of the discomfort, pain, loss or potential loss to themselves.

My father was a Little League coach for years while my brothers played ball. I often tagged along even though I was too young to play.  And my mom was always out having "girl" time anyway.

While he was coaching, I aggravated my dad to no end until he would always give in and give me a dollar for the concession stand.  In the early '70's, a buck would buy French fries, a Pepsi and a Blow Pop.  This give and take between me and my dad went on for a few years, and always ended in the same way.  And I still remember how good those fries were!

I found out much later in life that Mom managed the household finances.  And even though, Dad took his lunch from home in an old black lunchbox, he was given $1.00 a day to buy a Pepsi and a candy bar for his afternoon break.  My father tucked that dollar away each and every day in order to give it to me at the baseball games at night.

That is a Hero.

As a divorced father raising 3 kids on my own for the last 9 years, I have had to sacrifice sleep, hobbies, lunch money and a social life in order to see that my kids have as normal and fulfilled life as possible.

In one sense, I think I am a hero...In another sense, I think I am just doing what my dad would have done.

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