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Email of the Day

Salad Families

Hi Dr. Laura:

I began listening to you three years ago.  I was already a one-year newlywed for the second time.  I have three children and my husband has three children.  We came back from a dream family vacation intended to make our newly formed "salad" family of six children bond with each other.  

The vacation I envisioned was not how it turned out, and when we returned, I was angry at my husband and stepchildren.  I was arguing with my husband, putting him in the middle, and I was creating tension and rifts that even a counselor couldn't resolve.  My marriage was going down a bad path, even though we had spent seven years dating (with no shacking up).

Then I found your program.  At first, I thought you were too blunt.  How could these listeners call in and be talked to like that?  But as I began listening more, it started to dawn on me.  You don't sugar-coat things.  You give the hard truth which is needed.  Boy, that was a wake-up call for me.  I then started to slowly realize that it wasn't my stepchildren or husband that caused our vacation to not go according to my plan.  It was me!!  I had set unrealistic expectations and never shared or discussed my vision with anyone else.  I created the problem, and I WAS the problem.  You knocked some painful but needed common sense into myself that summer.  You helped me and my family tremendously, and we now have a great marriage, thanks to you.

Please stay on the air forever!


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Tags: Divorce, Marriage, Parenting, Stress, Teens
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