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Letters From Listeners

Saying Goodbye

God's timing is perfect. I don't know another way to put it. I worked at a well-known insurance company when I lost my job to a layoff after September 11th. I took that time to visit family out of state and while I was away, my husband was also laid off. 

Upon my return, my 29-year-old husband told me he needed a job he couldn't be "laid off" from and so he enlisted in the Navy.  At the time, our children were 4 and 8. We moved from the east coast to the west coast with no clue what lay ahead. After a 9 month deployment, a change of duty station, and then a severe back injury, he was medically retired after 7 years of service. We were back at square one. 

We moved back to our home state, where I've been employed and laid off again. Recently, I interviewed for a job at the same insurance company I had previously been employed at. I received an offer of employment and called my grandmother to let her know the good news. She has a couple of aneurysms and one has started leaking.  Surgery is not an option.  Humorously, I told her she was not permitted to die.  Her laugh was sweet, and she responded, "Okay, I'll be sure to let my body know." 

My cousin called me crying about our grandmother. Why wasn't I this upset? I don't want my grandmother to die, but I think I've accepted it. It is funny how the thought of someone dying can make people behave so differently. We are ALL dying. It isn't a matter of IF, it is a matter of WHEN and I don't want to think of this life as being the end. When I think of my beautiful grandmother, I do not think of me losing her, rather I think of her reuniting with my grandfather and her parents. I think of her being happy. 

Thank you Dr. Laura for being that moral compass in a place where morals seem foreign. God Bless and take care! 


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