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Letters From Listeners

Schedule Husband and Wife Time Together

Hi Dr. Laura,

Though it has been 37 and 32 years respectively, since our babies were born, I was intrigued by your comment that some parents find it hard to find time to be intimate after their baby is born.

The key for us (my wife and I have been married 39 years this coming January) was to always have a scheduled time for us to be together. Oh yes, there were a few times when the time had to be moved a little, but overall, it was putting this "time" into our daily schedule that made it work for us.

And too, we always planned a "date night". It wasn't always some place fancy, and maybe just for an hour or so, but it got us away from the baby and their little world for just enough to talk and be together.

Sometimes it wasn't always sex, but simple hand holding and other sexual ways of taking care of each other. The bottom line was we made sure that we were still important to each other.

It worked for us, and like I said we've been married for 39 years. And we're still holding hands and loving each other in all the ways that a married couple should.

Love your wisdom and advice Dr. Laura. THANK YOU for being a voice of logic and reason in a world that often gets off track.


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