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Email of the Day

Score Another One For Stay-at-Home Moms

My husband and I were asked to a Navy Admiral's home for a gathering and we were all asked to bring a dessert. I make a wicked home-made New York Cheesecake that takes about 4 hours to prepare.

While standing in the kitchen chatting, the wife of one of my husband's colleagues, who was a career Navy nurse, asked me what I did for a living. I told her I stayed home to take care of my husband and our two children. She looked at me and said in a very loud and condescending voice: "Oh, so you're a stay-at-home mom?" I replied back in a sickeningly sweet condescending tone as possible: "Yes I am, and I am guessing by your tone that you're a go-to-work mom?" She was shocked, but came right back at me by saying? "Yes, I am a working mother, and I just don't know how I could ever stay home all day. I mean, aren't you bored? What is it that you DO all day anyway?"

I looked over at the dessert table, where her husband was standing with 2 pieces of my cheesecake on a plate, shoveling it into his mouth at a furious pace. I very loudly said back, pointing to her husband, "Well, for one, I made that cheesecake that your husband over there is eating TWO pieces of." She looked over at him eating, looked back at me, and immediately walked away without a word.

I subsequently saw her at several functions over the years. She never came near me again. Score another one for Stay-At-Home Moms everywhere!


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