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Letters From Listeners

Seeing Through a New Pair of Eyes

Hi Dr. Laura,

I have listened to your program for many years. I struggled with alcohol abuse and got sober in 2011.  I honestly can say, when I listened to your program I thought you were hard on addicts and alcoholics. I would often get upset and mad. I would think, "Dr. Laura does not know anything about addiction". I even stopped listening to your program for a while.

I did return to your program, because I just really enjoy listening to you. I was actively listening to your program when I relapsed. During my relapse, I began to see what you meant about people with addiction. I was very wrong about you; you DO know everything about addiction. WE, addicts and alcoholics, can't be completely trusted. It is unlikely we stay sober. Relapse is a big issue for people suffering from addiction. It is more likely we will relapse than stay sober, which is unfortunate for our families and the suffering addict.

Your program has helped me see through the eyes of families with mothers, fathers, daughters, and sons actively using alcohol and drugs. The impact and destruction we addicts and alcoholics cause our families is undeniably harmful to everyone around us. I really do not hear the addict or alcoholic calling your program for help, only the loving family members stuck trying to fix the addict. In reality, unless the addict wants the help, it will never happen. Sometimes, even if the addict wants it, it is very hard to achieve sobriety.

Listening to your program has helped me fight for sobriety. I do not want my daughter or son calling your program, because I am destroying their lives! It has helped me see through the eyes of the suffering family of an alcoholic or addict.

I'm go to AA every day, sometimes several times a day. I have immersed myself in the program of recovery because I no longer want to harm my family and myself. I appreciate all your knowledge and the work you do for others.

Thanks Dr. Laura, you are an amazing woman.


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