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Letters From Listeners

Shacking-up With Boyfriends

As I cooked everybody lunch, I heard a call with a woman who wanted to shack-up to test the waters with her boyfriend before marriage.

My marriage of 11 years ended violently in November 2011. He left me with a traumatic brain injury and strangle marks on my neck. I'm now a single mom of 3 sons. I had always been a housewife/full time mom, so I was stressed about getting a job. Luckily my aunt called me and said she needed someone to take care of my grandma with dementia, so we moved her in here with me. It's a true blessing. My house is no longer hostile.

My friends and my own dad advised me against this move fearing I would not have a social life. I told them my boys need a mother to focus on them, not a mother who goes out and gathers boyfriends and new husbands. (Plus I'm not a good picker. I knew darned well my ex was violent and I tried to leave several times but would come back. It's true when they say the beatings only get worse.)

Thank you Dr. Laura for reinforcing and making me feel proud of my decision to not date and to focus on my boys, Grandma, and my relationship with God.



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