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Letters From Listeners

Sharing Isn't Always Caring
I was fortunate to have a mother who taught me a very important lesson at a young age. After my brother had found and read my diary, my mother said to me, "Always remember that what you put in print is never truly private. There is always the potential for others to find and read it." I've had people think that was a terrible thing for my mom to say--that she should have protected my right to write privately about whatever I wanted. But she was right. It's not that I never put anything personal in a journal, but I always remember it could be read--even if only by my children after I die and I'm careful not to put anything down that would cause damage or hurt to someone later.

So when I'm online, I never consider it my private venue for venting or expressing whatever whenever. On my Facebook, I have friends who are friends of my children toward whom I feel an obligation to be an example and mentor. I have friends who are all over the board politically and friends who are of various religions. I always try to keep all these people in mind when I'm posting. It's not that I believe life is about never offending people. I just don't choose Facebook as a place to trumpet about everything I think or do. I tend to think of it more as a Christmas newsletter to keep people in touch with the general goings on of our family. You may know I'm a Christian or that I'm crazy in love with my daughters from my Facebook, but if you want many more details, I'd rather you talk to me and we'll have a heart to heart. And above all, I never say ANYTHING about ANYONE that I wouldn't want that person to read--not even a celebrity. Because who knows who sees things once you send them out there.

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