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Letters From Listeners

Smart Women Don't Always Make Wise Mothers

My story about day care:

My sister has a 2-year-old and is pregnant with her second. She works full-time as an attorney. She had her daughter in day care at the home of an older local woman with no license. While there, my niece had a black eye and a severely damaged tooth (which turned black and required multiple dental appointments). These incidents were blamed on my niece, who the day care provider said was clumsy and stumbled. The day care provider recently brought her son back from a prison stint for charges related to an aggravated DUI. This is his second lengthy stay in prison. It was after learning the prison son was coming home to live with the day care provider that my sister pulled my niece out. My niece now goes to a church day care where she is having potty training accidents and not napping. I hate thinking about what my niece has been exposed to.

I am the opposite of my sister - also an attorney, but I gave up a $100,000+ job to stay home with my daughter (4-years-old). I stay home because I listened to you! Especially during those long data waiting for bar results!


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