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Email of the Day

So in Love with You

My husband is serving overseas in the Air Force Guard and we have been extremely close for over 13 years. We still act like newlyweds everywhere we go. I am my husband's girlfriend and lover. He is doing a 6 month deployment and we email each other love letters almost every week, but this one really made my heart weep with joy, knowing you can have the storybook romance if you create it. This letter was titled "So in Love with You."

I was walking in Bishkek today with our guide, a cute girl with a fun smile. I couldn't help but be a perfect gentleman with her. At one point she and I were alone (waiting outside on the busy sidewalk, while the others were in the bathroom) and she asked me some personal (relationship and availability) questions while playing with her hair. I smiled to myself knowing I am your knight not hers. I actually feel like a knight --. I could take on the bad guys like King Arthur but always return to his Guinevere.

Tia, this tour has taught me two things: 1) what and where my shortcomings are; and 2) I am a better man than I could have ever dreamed of because of you. You have held me to being my best and I am your hero, a faulted imperfect hero, but yours. I have not once worried about your faithfulness to me, nor have I worried about your ability to take care of things at home. I have only felt alone and incomplete without you, but I know where my heart is and the rest of my soul. I know I will be complete when I am once again in your arms and you are at my side. I hope you like the better and improved me, the one that was old inside and is now starting to feel young. If every girl has ever dreamed of capturing a wild man's heart completely and making it her own, then you have done what others have dreamed and you have me. I love you baby, more than anything on this earth.

I have made my man mine, and even though this has been our longest separation through our almost 14 years of marriage with 5 children, he is not going for other women while he is away, and I am not looking at other men. He is mine and I plan on keeping him mine. Men like him do not come around very often.  I read all of your books and I put them to use and they really work. I know so, as proven by this letter, which is only one of many he has written me since we were dating, and then married.

Ladies, choose wisely when looking for a husband. Make a list of qualities you want and stick to it. I did, and I got what I wanted and my list was not short. I still have my list and I show it to my 2 older children and they are making wise dating decisions based on my husband's and my examples and advice to them. I am my husband's girlfriend; we choose each other every day. It has been the best decision I have ever made. I only hope my children will be as fortunate as I am.


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