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Email of the Day

Staying For All The Wrong Reasons

I just turned 30, and up until recently, I was in a relationship with a great man who had a lot to offer.  But as you would say, we were simply "not a match."  We dated for over four years and had been shacking up for two.  Unfortunately, I had never had anyone explain to me the importance of waiting until marriage to move in together, but now more than ever, I understand why.

Our relationship had been rocky for a long time, but because our lives were so entwined with us living under the same roof and sharing possessions, we stayed together for all the wrong reasons for too long.  It took me months to work up the courage to find an apartment, move out of his house and start over.  It was the most difficult decision that I have ever made, but I never could have done it without you.  

To stay together would have been an easy and convenient choice.  Although this new chapter is scary and uncomfortable, it's incredibly empowering to know that I did the right thing.  Hearing your advice about how a relationship SHOULD be made me realize that I wasn't getting what I needed or deserved.  I knew I had to take control of my life.  Now that I have, I'm looking forward to finding a real man who will not hesitate to stand up for his woman and who will take care of his family.  I am beyond grateful to have found such a strong, smart woman in you to look up to every day.


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